Red paint in the hair? Blue paint on the jeans?

Sand in the shoes? Food on a favorite shirt?

White socks that look brown? Sleeves a bit damp?



  • worked with a friend
  • solved a problem
  • created a masterpiece
  • negotiated a difference
  • learned a new skill
  • had a great time
  • developed new language skills


  • feel lonely
  • become bored
  • do a repetitive task that is too young for him/her
  • do worksheets that are too easy
  • do sit down work that is discouraging


  • paid good money for those clothes
  • will have trouble getting the red paint out
  • are concerned the caregiver isn’t paying enough attention to your child


  • was aware of your child’s special needs and interests
  • spent time planning a challenging activity for the children
  • encouraged the children to try new things
  • was worried you might be concerned


Young children really learn when they are actively involved in play…

not when someone is talking to them.

There is a difference between “messy” and “lack of care.”

Your educator made sure your child was fed, warm, offered new skills and planned messy fun things to do because that’s how your children learn!

Send your child in clothes that can get dirty!

Keep extra clothes at the site for the times when the child gets really messy.

But remember, your children need time to be kids.  

It’s INTERNATIONAL MUD DAY soon! Get messy! Get muddy! HAVE FUN!

How did this fabulous day come to be? Click here to find out!

Need ideas on how to celebrate? Here you go!



Number rockets

I’m not usually one for such ‘structured’ art activities, but this one was still interesting and challenging enough for the children to enjoy. I also think that on occasion an activity like this is a good idea to test the children’s listening skills and ability to follow specific instructions.

Today the children made rockets in this simple activity that focused on pencil grip, number and shape recognition, hand eye coordination, scissor grip and cutting skills, careful colouring and matching. It also worked in with our outer space theme. 🙂


Outer Space!

This week we began an Outer Space theme in preschool, after one boy in particular demonstrated an interest (and knowledge) in the planets that got me very excited!

The children were extremely eager to start when I told them what we would be learning about. Without further ado, here are our space themed activities so far this week (and more to come)!

These awesome space themed sheets were found at Making Learning Fun. They recommend using magnets, but I have been using stackable counters – they are the perfect shape and size and the children have been stacking them before placing them on the pictures – two activities in one! 😉



Phases of the moon sorting cards

Scooping stars – star shaped pasta! Scoops and different sized containers for scooping and pouring – great measurement activity

Sorting planets (marbles) – using the ‘tongs’ (tea strainer) the children pick up a planet and place it into one of the individual pill boxes (they fit perfectly) – such a simple activity but extremely popular!

Count down cards – 10 – 0 and a rocket!

Space table – books and photographs

Spacedoh! The children made this playdoh themselves! They then added black colouring and glitter to represent a starry night sky

Getting to know myself

Yesterday the children and I did a simple little activity.

First, we wrote our names at the top of a page (some used their name cards for assistance) and then we traced our own hands.

In one hand, we drew ourselves. In the other I asked them to draw their favourite things. Some drew cars, some drew their families and some just DREW.

I loved this activity as it drew on so many skills –

* writing

* pencil grip

* fine motor skills

* tracing

* imagination

* self representation

* self awareness

* size, space – will both my hands fit on this page?

It promoted conversation and required the children to think before acting. It was also a great activity for seeing who could follow instructions!

"I love cars and the planets, so here is a car going AROUND a planet!"


Recently one of my students went to the snow. He has spent the entirety of this week pretending to ski using the wooden blocks and pretending to throw snowballs. My assistant also went to the snow and (shame on her!) forgot to take a photo of the snowman she built!

We live a mere two hours from good snow fall and over the past few weeks I have heard many a discussion amongst the preschoolers about snow, snowmen, snowflakes and all things coooooold. With so much interest going around I thought it time we made ‘snowmen’ in our room!

I started by providing a variety of materials and a very basic ‘snowman template’ (two circles)…

Buttons, googly eyes, paper squares, cotton balls, pop sticks, textas and glue

Then I asked the children – “What might we make with all of this?” The answer was unanimous – “SNOWMEN!”

The children were delighted to have the freedom to create their snowmen however they pleased, and the results speak for themselves!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen better snowmen. 🙂

“I’m a big girl now!”

Last night marked a (long awaited) milestone for my littlest (3 year old) girl. She has been toilet trained for over a year with wees but I could not for the life of me get her to do no.2’s.

Last night, I sat in the bathroom with her and we sang songs (distraction) until – AMAZING – she used the toilet. Last night when ‘the event’ occurred we danced, we sang, we ate chocolate and high fived until our hands were sore – big sister joined in the festivities and Daddy ran the victory lap around the house with Miss 3 on his shoulders. She is STILL, almost 24 hours later, telling me what a ‘big girl’ she is and is so proud of herself.

Such a small thing, but such a BIG deal.

Personally, when it comes to toilet training success, I don’t think you can make a big enough deal about it – if that means forming a conga line around a potty, then so be it!

Another ‘big girl’ moment in this house today – Miss 5 took it upon herself to pull the vaccuum cleaner out of the cupboard. She then proceeded to vaccuum through the ENTIRE house! I had to withold my “Who are you and what have you done with my child?” remark and instead asked her why she decided to vaccuum. “Well, Mummy… the floor looks a bit dirty and I am growing up. I’m a big girl so I thought I should vaccuum!” She then told me that it was usually ‘Daddy’s’ job to vaccuum, but he is at work today. 😉

Miss 3 joined in on what has been the most enjoyable experience I have ever had with housecleaning – she pulled out her little toy vaccuum cleaner and together the sisters have made our home ‘sparkly’.

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